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how to test projector lamp is bad

How can you understand that your projector lamp is bad & need replacement? Whether it easily damaged or any other system failure? Is it your fundamental question?

However, what style, brand, or price-point of your projector? There is a fundamental thing for all projectors. To make an image, they all use a lamp. After a certain period, these lamps burnt out like your home light bulbs & need to be replaced.

Follow our article that covers all things about HOW TO TEST PROJECTOR LAMP IS BAD as well how to replace it.

Definition of a Projector Lamp

In technical terms, the projector lamp is an ultra-high force mercury vapour ARC lamp. It is a tremendously sophisticated technology. The manufacturer developed each lamp with specifications at a great cost. That’s why the rate of projector lamps is a little high.

What does a Projector Lamp Do?

Every projector bulb is filled with ultra-high forced mercury vapor & there is an ARC gap. The lamp works by transmitting an electrical current across this ARC gap.

A projector lamp makes shining light through the DLP or LCD panel and produces vivid images as you see projector displays.

Signs your Lamp Needs to be Replaced:

We are listing some signs to ensure you when your lamp needs to be replaced.

  1. Loss of Image:

If there is no image showing on your projector turns on, there must be a problem. You may observe the image dimming or ups and downing the brightness or fadedness of the image as the human eye can feel this.

First, you attempt to make the projector color up. If not changing, be sure that your projector lamp is dying. Try to fix your projector lamp by replacing it.

  1. Flickering Image:

Flickering image is another sign of dying out your projector lamp, or it going to burn out quickly. This may express a faulty lamp sign if you are not using the OEM projector. If you see a flickering image, then take a step to replace it.

  1. Indicator:

The indicator gives a red warning on-screen or flashing yellow lights when your projector lamp needs replacement. Presently in many DLP television or projector have an indicator.

There may be a lamp icon as an indicator on display. Be sure does your projector has any indicator? If yes, confirm where it located. Then you may carry on utilizing a projector until indicator gives any sign.

  1. Loss of Color:

A strong lamp is important for running the color wheel of a DLP projector properly. If the projector lamp needs any replacement, the DMD chip and wheel can’t correctly display color. Muddy and fade color is another sign.

What is the Reason for Lamp Malfunctioning?

Depending on symptom there may be different causes for the dysfunction of the lamp such as-

Discolor: Maybe dirty, and burning is the reason for Discolor.

Sudden Power off: Probably blocked fan and overheating is the reason. Also, dust may clog the cooling channels.

No Power: Perhaps the power supply interrupted.

Image Missing: DLP chip may be broken.

How to check the Projector Lamp life?

A projector’s lamp does not last forever. After a certain period, it needs to be replaced. We are simply offering you two ways to check on the lamp.

Lamp’s life checking with menu:

  • Turn your projector on by Plugging into a power board. Wait a few seconds to warm up the projector.
  • Press the projector’s “Menu” to open the on-screen menu. Navigate to the “Options” or “Setup” heading.
  • Choose “Lamp Hours” or “Lamp Life.” Now you see a brief of the hours it has been on or the hours left on your lamp.
  • Lamp’s life checking by physically:
  • Follow our steps to check out physically.
  • Please turn off your projector then keep it on a soft surface.
  • Let the projector be cool. Give at least half an hour.
  • Open the lamp cover of the projector.
  • Find the lamp cover following its caution sticker.
  • Open all the screws securing the lamp cover.
  • Put all screws aside for safety.
  • You may find more 2 or 4 screws around the lamp sides safely remove them.
  • Removing screws from the lamp inspects it carefully where the bad sign is, or damage occurs.
  • We are warning you to must let the projector cool before removing the lamp cover.

How to Replace the Lamp?

The projector lamp is more expensive and longer-lasting than bulbs. Projector lamp replacement is not so difficult if you have some primary knowledge.

First, be sure that the projector lamp is bad.

Then you identify your lamp is what type, how to remove it & how long it will last. Most projector lamps work for more than 2,000 hours.

Module Projector Lamp installation

Follow our above easy steps to remove the lamp cover of the projector and install a projector lamp with the housing.

After removing the projector lamp cover and screw, set the new projector lamp carefully into the perfect place.

Tightened the screw and covered the lamp cover again. Be sure you do all the things perfectly. The important note is that don’t touch the glass on the lamp.

Bare Projector Lamps installation

Bare Projector Lamps is the only bulb without wiring, screws, and plastic casing. Remove the clip attached to the old lamp. Make the wires unscrew which are fitted to the bare projector bulb.

Replace the new bulb and fasten the clip & tighten the screws.

Care of Projector Lamp:

  • Allow some time to the projector lamp to cool.
  • Clean the dust filter.
  • Apply eco-mode projector.
  • Don’t shift the projector roughly.
  • Hazard climates must be avoided.

We try to provide you a general idea about HOW TO TEST: PROJECTOR LAMP IS BAD. If the lamp is not damaged, we think it needs to be replaced. If it needs to be replaced follow our instruction properly.


Q: How can I test my Projector Lamp?

Ans: You can test your Projector Lamp in two ways, like setting the menu and physically.

Q: Does lamp work like before after replacement?

Ans: yes, of course.

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